Mindful Massage
Massage Therapy with Intent


~Massage Therapy
     Incorporates Swedish, deep tissue, joint mobilizations, stretching, myofascial release, and/or neuromuscular therapy based on the individual's needs.

~Oncology Massage                                                                                             Focus is on providing a safe and beneficial massage to those who have cancer history or are currently in cancer treatment

~TMJDisorder                                                                                                                         Manual therapy focusing on relieving pain and dysfunction associated with the temporomandibular joint.

~Medical Massage
     A clinical approach focusing on specific diagnoses, injuries, and targeted disorders. Treatments are outcome-based often coordinated with specialist doctors, physical therapist, etc.

~Sports Massage
     Very beneficial addition to any exercise regimen.  Reduces recovery time and enhances performance.  This is invigorating with focus specific to the athlete's needs.

~Newborn Massage Instruction
     Clients are taught how to perform a massage on their baby so that they baby can benefit from massage while fostering healthy bonding.

~On-Site Chair Massage
     Great for corporate events, parties, and in the workplace.  A wonderful treat for guests or employees and a great addition to a workplace wellness program.

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