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Your body's normal state is health.  An alignment of nutrients, rest, exercise, joy, love, laughter, and optimism are just a few of the essentials for vitality and homeostasis.
Listen to your body.  We, too often, ignore the whispers of aches before they become screams.  A tight, sore muscle plagued by the repetition that brought it out of balance will eventually manifest to a misaligned body causing all sorts of havoc.  A simple, recurring headache could deteriorate your vigor, bring about depression, destroy your posture and the domino effect goes on.

Therapeutic massage and bodywork focuses on the root causes of ailments.  Correcting imbalances and using touch to stimulate your own innate ability to self heal.
Massage has been clinically proven to stimulate the immune system, improve joint range-of-motion and flexibility, reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, pain, anxiety, and depression.

Together, we can open the path your body needs to bring about homeostasis.  Your body is a healing genius, let us find all the ways.

Modalities include:

        ~  Massage Therapy
        ~  Oncology Massage
        ~  TMJ Disorder
        ~  Medical Massage
        ~  Sports Massage
        ~  On-Site Chair Massage
        ~  Newborn Massage Instruction


Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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